Can’t get over losing my husband

My husband died suddenly in his sleep 2 yrs ago and I just cannot get over it. He hadn’t been ill in fact we went out that night for a family meal so it was like being hit from behind. The first year I felt numb and there was so much to sort out my family really held me up. I find this second year harder everyone assumes you are getting over it but in truth I feel worse. My appetite has gone completely and I feel unmotivated and sad. Can’t wait to get to bed at night just to shut everything out. My Dr has prescribed an anti depressant which doesn’t seem to be helping much.
I have joined a choir and a yoga class but this deep sadness never leaves me. I miss my lovely husband so much and don’t think I will ever feel happy again.
Is anyone else still suffering after 2 yrs?


Not sure, I’m approaching the year mark and I’m back to feeling rubbish.

I did read the second year is worse as reality sets in that they really aren’t coming back. Hopefully the third year and those after that will provide some rest bite.

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@AH2424 How long you been on the antidepressant. Can take a couple of months to work fully, if longer than that then go back to GP as may need something else to try.