Can’t move on after losing mum

8 months ago I lost my mum
Every waking moment hurts so bad I still feel as tho it happened yesterday
Try to keep myself busy try to focus on other things but it’s all a front my heart has never felt so broken


It’s been a month for me… I’m so sorry my lovely, I’m sending you a huge hug, if you’ve done 8 months, your mum would be so proud of you! Always remember that! X

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I don’t even know how I’ve done it I’m just floating through day after day still believing she wouldn’t of left me and this is all one big bad dream that I’m going to wake up to and she’ll be there


@Rose10 sorry for the loss of your Mum, grief is a hard experience to endure. For me it has now been 13 months, so I have been through all the ‘firsts’ and survived. I miss my Mum everyday and the past year has been sad and stressful as I have been grieving at the same time as doing all the Executor duties. I lost a lot of motivation and energy for life but now I’m determined to recapture a sense of joy. I think it’s a work in progress because I know the grief will always be with me. Gradually though I am starting to see the chinks of light amongst the bleak darkness. All we can do is to keep going forward with a sense of openness to the opportunities ahead. I hope that in time you’ll find some comfort, sending best wishes xx


Hi. I lost my mam 8 months ago and I’m not coping. Even though I have people around me my life feels so empty. My youngest daughter now lives with my dad so he is not alone. I also feel like she is away somewhere and will be back soon. I still bought her a 70th birthday card and a Christmas card with mam and dad on and I’ll be getting her a Mother’s Day card and some flowers. So sorry for your loss.

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Hi @Rose10
i am so sorry for your loss, i feel exactly the same for me its been 3 months but it feels like yesterday she was here. every day has been struggle for me to get out of bed. i keep hoping that this all a bad dream and when i wake up she will be here.

its been so difficult and has affected my mental health. theres days where i just cant get out of bed, its so debilitating. all i want is my mum but it so hard. i dont understand her death till this day, i dont understand why she has been taken from me.

i just wish things can go back as they were, when its just me, mum and dad.

i know this isnt easy but i hope as time goes on the pain becomes duller and make its easier for everyone here who had suffered of losing a loved one


My Lovely Mum died a month ago. She was my best friend. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2020, but didn’t start getting ill until early Dec 2023 and died in February. I feel numb, lost and empty. I saw Mum every day. I’m not coping at all. I’m just tearful all of the time thinking about her. The last 2 weeks before she died was terrible and I can’t get her face out of my head.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I seen my mam every day too I feel so lonely and empty. Sending hugs

I lost my mum just before bank holiday August, like a lot I had to deal with a lot of the Aftershock. Buriel, service. I’m still in the same flat I shared with mum since 1982. So memories are everywhere for me. I been running a lot of charity shops with mum’s clothes, not a nice thing to do but has to be done.