Can we ever survive

Can we ever recover from the loss of our partners.
I feel my life is over.


I’ve been assured that we will never recover but in time we will learn to live with it.
You’ve had a traumatic event happen to you. It will alter you beyond belief but we do survive it. Just put one foot in front of the other and only think about getting through today. The stuff you can’t cope with, don’t do it. The stuff you can manage, do slowly, even if that just getting up one day, maybe having a wash, these are still achievements. It’s hard, very hard but hopefully it will get easier for you.
I’m 19 weeks in and have some good days now. I also have really shite ones and I just go with it.


@AlysonandSteve i do hope so. We must survive. My 47th wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I feel bereft. My friend of 50 years since we were 15 is with me. I must carry on sending love.


Somehow we have to survive. It’s my 47th wedding anniversary on the 19th, my forth one on my own. The days do get easier, but I think the loneliness will be with us forever. I miss my wife every single day.


Hi Alison. Somehow we will, by helping each other. One minute I am considering meeting friends, the next minute I’m crying again. All we can do is work our way through each difficult day. Try to do one little task even if it’s just having a wash. Then one day you will start to see easier times. We will always love them and that is hard but together we are stronger. Sending you lots of love and strength.


Alasonnsteve we have to survive so our husbands can live through us not in the way we want them but there with us when we need them stay strong xxc


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