Can we join up the dots?

I sometimes think that I am in imminent danger of “losing the plot” completely but I have this idea in my head that those of us who are struggling with the loss of our soulmate should somehow try to be more proactive in our support of each other.

This site is wonderful and a great comfort to me and I know that there are many other similar forums out there but I long to turn my grief away from its sadness and seeming hopelessness into something more positive…to enable each of us to do something good in memory of those we have lost rather than drown in sorrow!

Bearing in mind that there must be many of us who are not in a position to do volunteer work in the community, I have toyed with all sorts of home based ideas…some kind of mutual telephone network on a local basis where you could speak to a “grief friend” who has experience themselves: an old fashioned pen pal system where you could keep in touch with someone who has similar interests and could share those and new ideas as well as share grief…a help line of sorts where you could ask advice on how to cook a certain meal or be told how to put up a shelf knowing that the responder completely understands your underlying need. I am a complete technophobe so I have discounted social media per se because I wouldn’t know where to start but perhaps someone else reading this has their own ideas?

On the other hand of course, I might be on the wrong track completely, in which case I apologise…but you just never know, do you?

Hi Amelie’sgran

I think that’s a good idea. I think they have this sort of network in America and Canada. As well as the grief and sadness there are all the practical things to deal with. Help and advice is always useful. This morning my kitchen ceiling has sprung lots of leaks. Apart from putting lots of buckets and bowls out I have no idea what to do. Should I turn off the water? Where is the stopcock? Have now called a plumber who is in the process of taking down the ceiling to find the leak. Is that the right thing to do? Got a feeling the bill will be horrendous.