Cancer won - Dad is gone

My dad sadly passed away on Thursday.
Feel so lost at the moment and keep having waves of overwhelming sadness. My heart has never felt so heavy.
Worst part has been waking up every morning and all these feelings and emotions comes rushing back to you tenfold.
Memories seems painful as well as everything is still raw.
I look up at the sky and talk to him as if he was here but deep down I know he isn’t.
My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer back in March and unfortunately in the last month, it had spread to other organs and his brain and doctors said there was nothing they could do. Ever since we had that news I had been suffering from anticipatory grief but now that Dad is gone, afterwards is just as hard.
So so angry that cancer exists!!
The only things I can take solace from is that he managed to spend his last days at a lovely hospice, he is not in pain or suffering anymore and he passed away peacefully surrounded by his family.


So sorry for this huge loss and the pain of your grief. It’s absolutely brutal isn’t it? No doubt you’ll be feeling every emotion going in these early days. Take it as it comes, whatever gets you through. There are no words to ease the pain, just know that you will survive and as time passes you’ll find ways to manage the pain. Take care xx