Can't concentrate

I lost my husband nearly two months ago, and the house is so quiet without him here,
I want to bed at eight o’clock tonight as I can’t concentrate on anything at all, cant do my knitting or crochet which I loved before can’t read books or magazines telly is on but find I’m not watching it, I looked our granddaughter Evie today she is six months took her for a walk big mistake we went down by the river where my husband walked our dog Mac she was sound asleep in her prom I was crying my eyes out don’t know what people thought glad I had my sunglasses on, now I’m laying here crying my eyes out again I really don’t want to carry on without him I miss him so very much

Linda - I am so sorry. I lost my husband 2 weeks ago today. I still have my two boys here but one is leaving for university at the end of the month and the other will be going back to school next week. I have a job but can’t face going back to it yet, so will be in an empty house until I can find the physical and mental strength to get into work.
Can’t concentrate on anything…while he was ill (we had 5 ghastly months after his diagnosis of terminal cancer…out of the blue, I should add) we both could escape temporarily with reading crime novels but I can’t do that anymore as I can’t concentrate. I am so with you on not wanting to carry on…every morning feels worse than the one before and I sit there now each day not wanting to struggle any more trying to get through the day. I can’t imagine getting through the rest of my life without him. I so totally feel your pain.