Can't forget

Can’t forget all the memories of all the places that I shared with my husband. I visited my old flat where I first met Phil and the house we shared together. We were so young it seamed so long ago. I could not stop crying so much as happened over the years. life had brought us together now life as parted us. All the events over 33 year I am constantly thinking about I cannot bring myself to look at all the photos yet as they make me so sad. Seven months as pasted by slowly with all the problems around. I often see Phil in my dreams and feel so glad that he is home, then I wake up and realize again that he as gone and that there is nothing to look forward to any more. I will never forget him, he was my life. I feel lost in this world now and everything seams pointless, I hope that will change. I am afraid of the long lonely future. I am thankful that we did meet and have good memories.

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Hello, yes, it can be very difficult when you think of the good times and then feel the loss, so it must be incredibly sad to see photos of Phil or to visit an old flat. Do you have ant family that live close to you? Who could help you so that you don’t feel as lonely. Of course, nothing will ever take away the loneliness of not being with Phil, but are there other people who could help you?

Hi Sugar,

I have very similar thoughts, though I had only ten years with him. I am thinking if we were together more than 10 years or less would have been any different or less pain? I do not think so I think it would be the same. When you love someone time does not count . I think my wishing would be getting old with him and being a family much much longer. I wish we had given this opportunity xxx

Hello Nuran, I feel so sad for you, only having had 10 years of such happiness. I was lucky to have almost 49 years being married to Malcolm but still never wanted it to end. Living without them is impossibly difficult, but we do have a part of them left, you with your lovely son and I have my grown up children and three grandchildren so in that way they live on. But I know it’s not the same, we just want them here. their physical presence to hugs nd us and make us safe and protected. And Sugar I feel the same way, we did most things together and my mind keeps filling with pictures of all the places we loved to visit, like little flashbacks. Have posted about this before, does anybody else have this or am I just odd?! Love and good wishesx

Hi Bjane,

You were very lucky to have 49 years witb him. I know I did not have I wish had. I think how many years we were together does not matter we always wanted to be together longer and longer. I am wishing many many things in this cruel life xxc

Hello Nuran, so sad for you, life really is so unfair that you should lose the love of your life so young.iTrouble is it’s human nature to never be satisfied , We all wanted to be with them forever and it’s so hard to carry on without them. I really feel your pain and sense of unfairness. Sending you lovex

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