Can't go on

Please someone tell me the pain gets easier, 5 months I lost my husband suddenly to a cardiac arrest, my head is all over the place today. The physical pain has been immense and the thoughts all over the place. I decided to book a week away for myself and my daughter to recuperate. I honestly feel so guilty, he’s not here anymore and I’m going away. I feel like I shouldn’t be spending any money on anything let alone a week away. I honestly feel like locking myself away until the day final comes for me, it’s unbearable.

It was the same for my hubby 16 months ago.
It’s hard but you can get through this - not straight away - but very slowly you do adjust to the new days, new ways.
I still expect him to walk thru the door -
And I speak to him every day as if he is still with me.
As long as you think of him, he will be with you.
G. X


Hi Tina,

The time will change your grief, it won’t go away, how can it you loved your husband and that is why you are grieving. With time your smile will return as you remember your time with him and as you make new memories with your family.

I talk to Andy all the time I’m sure he has a right heavenly headache bless him! He was such a big part of my life he taught me so much not just about the world but about myself as well. He gave me the strength to be confident in who I am and what I do so I know he is part of all I do now as he gave me the courage to be me and achieve anything I wanted.

Talk to your husband and listen for his answers he will give them to you.

Enjoy your time away


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Hi Tina
dont feel guilty of doing anything it what he would have wanted you to do
if he could speak to at this moment in time what would you expect him to say im sure he would be pleased that you and your daughter can go away together yes it will feel strange at first and probably feel like turning around and running home but you have to do it for your own sanity and mental health

i am 7 months in to loosing my husband i have good days and bad days still but more good than bad now still have days when i cry for no reason at all i dont think we will ever fully recover from our loss but we just learn to carry on and live with it
everything you do for the first time will be hard but we always get the strength to carry on im sure they are there looking after us

take care pat


Hi Tina, sorry for your loss. In February I lost my brother, age 74, suddenly to a cardiac arrest. He was my brother and best friend and we saw each other every day except for 6 years when I lived in a different country. I cannot tell you how much I miss him. When our mother died of cancer in 2006, we visited manor houses and other attractions almost every weekend. It was just too hard to stay at home. - Go on holiday, I am sure your husband would want you to. Also, you two have to recharge your batteries. Nick

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