Can't see people happy

Is it just me or others feel it too… I hate to see other people laughing. I know they are not aware of what has happened and also do not care. I don’t know what to do. I have started working (remote) and people laugh in meetings and that makes me so jealous and sad.
I know everyone goes through loss but right now it feels like it’s just me going through it and the world seems happy.
I miss my mom so much. I don’t know how I am going to live my remaining years. I’m 31. I know unfortunately Ill live for 20-30 years more because God (or whoever ) wants me to live a sad life without my most special person my mom.

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I found that really hard too in the beginning.
After time I found myself laughing and enjoying life again.
Of course I still miss my parent.
I found it really hard at work (I’m a cashier at a supermarket).
If people young or old came with their dad to the supermarket.
Or grandkids with their grandpa.
It still stings if I see it but I’m not getting too upset about it anymore.
I see them laughing and give a cuddle and then it’s a hard moment for me.
But it gets better with time, at least that’s my experience.
It’s hard especially in the beginning.

I feel your pain @MummasDaughter I lost my dad last April, been through Christmas and new year and at the very beginning I hated everyone for being happy when for me inside I felt the complete opposite.
I was 31 too when I lost him and he was my best friend not just my dad. I had it really rough coming to terms with it as it was sudden, and I had exactly the same in my head dreading having to live another 30/40 years without him when we should have had much longer. I still do think like this, although I’m getting better at focusing on other things and keeping myself busy now, I’m not overwhelmed as often.
It gets easier, you just start to accept that people don’t know, they don’t understand unless they’ve been through it. And let’s face it 31 is no age to lose a parent, yes a lot of people have it worse but you never think it’ll happen to you until it does.
It’s hard, I’m still on the rollercoaster. I actually managed to stay off this forum for a while but I’m struggling again as it would’ve been his 60th birthday this week which is just breaking my heart all over again.
Anyway take care of you one day at a time, try not to focus on getting back to normal, it never will be but the days do start to pass and sometimes you will find yourself being happy again. We’re just part of this club now unfortunately, but we had them and we wouldn’t feel like we do if they weren’t so special and loved x

It feels good to know I am not only one. So sorry for your loss. It’s so difficult!! So so difficult!!

So sorry for your loss. At 31 we are expected to be adults but I feel like a child who is lost in a big park and crying non stop. The pain is unbearable. As you said we feel this way because they were so special. I don’t know how to keep going without her. I never expected this to happen. I have cried almost all day today. I am broken and I know you feel the same way. I hope you get the strength to remember his great memories on his 60th birthday. Let it be the most special day of your year.
Stay in touch. :heart: