Can't settle

@Billie7 . If you find wine helps then go for it. You say you are back at work. I hope you said you are catching the bus as you will probably still be over the drink drive limit plus way too tired. Any way you can get signed off from work? I can’t believe you are a lot of use at work so tired. Is there anyone you can call? Try Cruse. They may answer the phone in your area. The Samaritans, Mind but please speak to someone. Love and hugs. Sandra

@Billie7 . Sorry I went to turn the alarm off and didn’t read your last post before finishing mine. You should go and stay with your sister. Still cry when you need to. She won’t mind.

I would never drink and drive and I am working from home today. I am capable of doing my job even though I am tired and I need to earn a living. Thank you for your concern. X