Can't Sleep

My dad died almost a week ago and I’m struggling. I feel so tired as I’m not able to get much sleep. Usually I go off but wake really early. However tonight, I was dozing in the chair but have now been in bed for two hours but just can’t sleep. So I’ve got up and am writing this in the hope that someone else is out there and can respond. The feelings seem so overwhelming and are making me feel generally fearful about life. Is anyone there?


@Pidg hi I am so very sorry for the loss of your dad and the heartbreak you are going through it’s still so very raw for you are you still awake

Thank you for replying Casey. I eventually dropped off to sleep and probably managed about four hours. Fortunately I’m not at work. In fact, I’m on holiday. I was away when my dad died and my mum and brother had contracted Covid. As my husband falls into the vulnerable group I didn’t want to risk supporting them and passing it onto him. I’ve been in plenty of phone contact from here. I made the decision to stay away and grieve here whilst doing some beautiful walks and just letting the tears come. However it feels really weird being away and I feel guilty too that I haven’t been with my family in person.

I really thank you for reaching out to me xx

Yes I am here,it is overwhelming,all consuming,grief is eating us all away every day,I lost my beautiful wife to bladder cancer 4 weeks ago and my life has changed for ever,nothing will ever be the same without her despite what people say ,as far as I am concerned my life is done now.

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Thank you for reaching out to me Mikey, as I sometimes feel overwhelmed by loneliness, especially during the night. I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful wife. I agree with you that nothing will ever be the same - that’s exactly how I feel. I don’t think our lives are done yet, even though we may wish they were. Do you have any family or friends? If so, I’m sure that they need you. Sending you a hug.


Thank you for the hug.

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