Can't sleep

Can’t sleep, can’t stop crying…what a mess…this is just awful. I know friends that have lost their mum…but nothing can prepare you for when it’s your own mum.

Thinking of you, under the same silent night sky feeling the same isolation just now.

Would have been Mum’s birthday today. Can’t get her off my mind, feeling sick, acid in my throat, don’t want to go to sleep. How the hell do I get through the day when it breaks. Thought I was doing okay too after a shaky start to December but this just sucks.

Wishing strength and peace to you on this big day…x

Sorry to hear that your not sleeping either. .my mums birthday on the 29th dec… strength and peace to you too pepper… hugs x

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Dear Both,

horrible times all round for us.

Pepper, you are especially in my thoughts today with it being your Mum’s special day as well. Devastated you too for 29th. I had this last month and felt better when it was over.


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