cant stop crying

Hiya, i keep crying its been 8 months since my nan passed, She was my mum nan and dad all rolled into one. we was so so close. i keep crying :cry: everyday its wearing me out. i try and think of positives what a lovely life my nan had but i cant help but cry over everthing and anything. it feels like its not getting any easier. i thought loosing my grandads a month apart 4 months pregnant 21 years ago. but this is unbearable and its taking over my life. i cry when im out mainly indoors but i cant isolate myself i want to start volunteering work soon. ive lost weight due to not eating properly for 8 months now. i either cry or feel sick :tired_face: im having bereavement councilling i must add and it helps me but i cant stop crying… :cry::cry::cry:


Hi @Chelle-luan, crying can have benefits > 9 Benefits of Crying and Why It's Good and When to Get Help but if it’s happening a lot, along with not eating properly, that is a lot to take on each day, along with your grief. Has your councellor given you any advice on it, or your GP?

@MK70 hey thanks for your message, ive been on anti sickness tablets for 8 months. ive just had a camera in my throat to check for lumps cysts ulcers etc all back clear, ive been told that writing to my nan in a journal everyday which i do just tell her about my day etc. it helps but as i write it i cry. friends have said at least im not bottling up my feelings and not crying. ive given myself headaches from keep crying. but im going to see gp soon as i have bereavement group and two charities and here to help and support. me.

chelle x

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