Can't think straight

I can’t even think. I try to and my head is just soooo messed up. I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know what I need to help. I don’t know and it’s giving me back headaches. I just wanna think clearly. It’s starting to affect my work. Im not thinking things through. Because I can’t and I don’t know why. I don’t know how to help myself. It’s literally so strange and very hard to explain. I don’t know if im ok. I don’t know if I need help. Sooo very up and down. Mai my down this week. Actually probably worst IV been. Again I don’t know why now. Arghhhhhhh.

Hello its Ron here. I can tell with your post that things are allover the place. Start from the beginning and put things into order calm down if you can. Talk to me if you want I know its hard but I will be a ear for you if you want

Thank you Ron. I wish I could I honestly don’t even know where to begin :weary:

From the beginning. No rush

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I have had 3 deaths in my family since April this year and my partner has had one … Last week and still got her funeral to go through… They are all difficult in themselves all have their own stories. I feel guilty for thinking of one and not the other. It’s a big mess.

You have lot to take on. It seems like the world has focused on you for pain I feel like that as I have lost my wife a month ago been together since we were 15 married at 24 lost her at 60 the pain is so real the words of sorry for your loss does not ease any pain but you have to carry on as the world as it is at the moment keeps on turning so ty to keep focus they say the pain eases let’s hope so

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