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I loved my husband for 38yrs and we called each other best friends then suddenly covid took him 23rd Jan 2021. I was devastated so every one was here. Then I was lost so certain people disappeared now I’m flat,sad and lonely but can’t tell my grown up children coz I don’t want to burden them as they have lost their dad. I stay at home coz it’s my safe place but know I should go out. My anxiety is terrible I don’t know why. I can’t sleep as my head is on full go all the time but I’m so tired what do I do now I’ve no idea I just sit everyday on my own hoping something will inspire me. We had just retired with lots of plans. All gone now and so has my life except my children and grandchildren keep me going but even then it’s just tokeep them going and to please coz all I want is my soulmate back but I know that’s not going to happen. Any advise.xx


I’m so very sorry for the loss of your husband Carole. It must have been awful that his death was so sudden.
I’m glad you have children & grandchildren, but as you say, all we want back is our soul mates isn’t it?!

I’m like you, I had just taken early retirement when my husband suddenly took ill & died seven months later. He was already retired, but all our hopes and plans suddenly came crashing down and I was left alone.

You say you don’t know why your anxiety is terrible but it’s bound to be due to the trauma, stress and heartache of losing your life partner, your husband and best friend.
I hope you have friends to turn to as well as your family ( although I understand you not wanting to burden them).

It’s a hard place to be, over a year on from losing your husband (like me) and still feeling sad and lost. It’s a feeling that will never ever really go, we just learn to live with it.

Sue Ryder do a counselling service on this site that may be of help to you.
Keep reading the different posts on here and keep on putting your feelings down.

Please know that unfortunately many of us are in this dreadfully sad position of being on our own after the loss of a partner and we truly do understand how you feel.

Take care of yourself
Janey xx

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Thank you Janey your advise has helped just knowing you and other understand. I just feel so lost right know but I will try to look at that counselling you mentioned.xx

Maybe getting out for a walk in the fresh air may help you too Carole. I like to get out for a walk each day (it was difficult at first) but I really enjoy it now. It helps me feel much better and I sleep better too which is a bonus.
It lifts the spirits to get out, even just for a short walk in the fresh air.
It’s getting closer to gardening time again isn’t it, that helps me too.
I’m going to bed now for a read (another thing I find very helpful)

Janey xx

Thank you I will keep talking to you all as it does help to know other’s feel the same.

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