Christmas Cards

Finding it very hard receiving these as only just under five months on from losing my Mum. Open them and knocks me back every time not seeing Mum’s name as well as mine. Also the people who send jokey ones wishing me a wonderful Christmas and New Year. As if!

I didn’t know whether to send myself or give a donation to charity and decided to buy all in aid of the hospice that gave Mum help. What have others done?

Hi Mel,

I lost my mum 7 months ago yesterday, I’m also finding this time of year really hard, it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be and every time I hear a Christmas song on the radio it makes me cry at the thought of my mum not here at Christmas.

I decided to buy cards from the hospice that gave my mum help too, I will also probably make a donation to the charity which will be the money I would have spent on buying her a Christmas present. I don’t suppose there’s any right or wrong thing to do and I can’t really be bothered with the thought of writing the cards, I just feel like I should continue as we would usually do for my family.

Take care.

Hi Mel do what you feel is right.Im not sending or receiving cards (family have been told) and merry christmas theyve been told you mjust be joking dont wish me that (im 57 my wife died on her birthday in march she was 41)

Hi Charlotte

That is a good idea yours of giving a donation equivalent to what you would have spent on your Mum. I feel the same about writing cards but felt for Mum’s friends and family was worth the effort.

The one i received today said it all without any schmalz, the sender had sent a nice card, blank inside and just written ‘thinking of you this Christmas’.

Will be glad when it’s all over.


Thanks for the suggestion of making a donation to the hospice (as they’ve been so supportive to my Mum) in stead of the present I’d have bought her - my Mum died just 10 weeks ago, and it’s so hard but am also coming home some days to find Christmas cards and letters from a few non local people I didn’t know/remember to tell and know I need to write back to tell them the news but can’t bring myself to do that just yet.

I havent sent any christmas cards and the ones i have recieved have ended up in the bin…ive got no tree or decorations up. It will be 5 weeks tomorrow since i lost my mum. I will be glad when christmas is all over.