Christmas in July!

If being overcome with grief for the death of the one we love weren’t enough, shops and outfits on TV like QVC have started pandering Christmas ware!

I have no idea how I will feel come the festivities this year, which also include my birthday, but I really could do without TV rubbing my nose into all this nonsense.

They also have no consideration for people who are going to be on their own. It is all about couples and families having a jolly good time, aside from Christmas being a massive hype that then lasts only a day.


I totally agree with you. I noticed that Card Factory are selling 2023 calendars already

And have you noticed if you watch day time television the adverts are for life assurance, cruises, dating for the over 50s, Pure Cremation or funeral plans

It’s ridiculous and it seems to start in the shops and on the tv earlier every year. It’ll be my 2nd Christmas without my husband but I don’t think I’ll feel any better about it than last year. Will still be dreading it and just wanting it over.
Totally agree about the tv ads on daytime telly too. Get sick of seeing them about cremations, life assurance etc
I’m glad I don’t watch much tv during the day. I usually just have the radio on.

I’m so sorry for ur loss also hate Xmas as I always used to b wiv my bro who died in May it’s my birthday on Xmas day and to b fair no one remembers anyway but prob b super hard this year so get where ur coming from no point in having expectations about a good day cos set urself up for disappointment luv Jo xxxc