Christmas memories

Hi there does anyone have any funny,comical stories regarding Christmas and their now departed wife,husband or partner.
My wife Jane who passed away last November and I never really did much at Christmas I used to work on farms and always chose to work (the cows needed to be fed and milked).
We always had Christmas lunch that Jane prepared,this one particular lunch we had sat down to main course(roast beef and Yorkshires)and I said to her what’s that burning smell in the kitchen I rushed into the kitchen black smoke everywhere coming from the microwave I asked her what it was small individual Christmas puds to do in the microwave its when they were new and she had read it as 1hour 30 minutes instead of 1minute 30 seconds I threw the microwave out on the garden ,it had melted puddings,the plastic pots they were in and finished the microwave off,we laughed for many years at Christmas lunch the most laughable part was she rang our insurance agent up on Boxing day to see if it was covered on our contents policy.
As I sit here on my own on Christmas day (no real family)at least I can sit here with the memories of Jane and how she always tried to give us a piece of Christmas.
Perhaps some on this site may not think it so funny but to me one of the memories of Jane.
Kind regards MM69



I think its lovely that you have given us a rare funny story to share. There is so much sadness on this site and I am sick of being permanently sad.
My mum was the funniest person ever. I hope it wont be long before I am able to think back and laugh at her antics.
Cheryl x

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Hi Cheryl thanks for the kind reply Jane always used to say smile Mickey to make me laugh that’s where the Metal Mickey comes from .
We were married in 1975 me 25 her 23 I can still see her smile a great beaming smile as she walked up the aisle and that same smile stayed with her all her life,try to think of the good times with your mum it does help.
Mike-metal Mickey 69

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My mum was such a quiet gentle soul with a fantastic sense of humour. I’m not quite there yet thinking of good time’s very painful. But I found a picture of her the other day with a Christmas hat on. A tea towel round her waist and she is doing a benny hill pose. Wish I could share the picture on here. She is standing in front of the Xmas tree which she would always take ages over dressing.

My mother one boxing day decided to try Irish dancing after seeing in TV. She was sober and not Irish. What followed, as a lot of roaring laughs. We stopped and decided to catch a bit of fresh air after all the activity. We open the door only to find it had snowed quite heavily. It was about 1am in the morning and it looked magical and rather deep. By morning, the snow had gone. We always talked about the surprise snow that only lasted overnight.

She was sober and not Irish! Sounds weird. Sorry.

Hi there not weird at all just memories from happy times memories that stay forever.
Regards MM69

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It’s not a funny Xmas story but a loving one - and I have done this since I was a little girl - I am now 62. Every Xmas morning at 11:00 am (England time - I have lived in Australia since 1982) our family will raise a glass and cheers all our loved ones near and far and passed. It’s beautiful because we have a big family and I know that we will all be thinking of each other and the beautiful family members we have lost - this year will be a little different for me as I lost most beautiful husband who I met on 7/7/1977 in a tragic accident while on holiday in Turkey in July. But I know that all my family and his family will all be there at 11:00am on Xmas day thinking of each other - just lovely xxx


Lovely, we need more of this. Happier times that we can remember. Something to give us cheer and I love all these stories. Things that remind us of our loved ones. The good times.
For Christmas. Brian always asked why we couldn’t just have Egg and chips instead of all the fuss of turkey dinners. I promised him that one day we would but we never did. Perhaps I will if alone this year and I will be thinking of Brian and even cook him his egg and chips.
Keep these happier stories coming.
Pat xxx


That reminds me. My Dad would have preferred Chicken and Chips. I remember in the run up to Christmas my Father asking my mother if we could have Chicken and chips for Christmas Day. All those who overheard the conversation seemed amused! Of course, we had the traditional dinner.

What a lovely, funny story that is. I remember the first meal I ever cooked for my husband. I was only 17 when we married and I knew his favourite meal was liver and onions with mashed potatoes so I thought for our first meal together I would make that.
The fact that I’d never cooked liver before didn’t enter my head and I fried it until it was rock hard, honestly you could have soled shoes with that liver but, my husband ate every morsel of it even though it almost killed him. We laughed about that for 50 years.


Hi Ashtrees liver and onions is one of my favourites too the smell of the onions lovely!! my wife Jane didn’t always get it right in 43 years,if I happened to say little tough dear her answer would be you can cook it yourself and laugh.
Janes worst cooking disaster was sausages we use to have bangers and mash for Monday dinner and for 43 years she always burnt them.
Things you remember now when just married chip pan on fire,trying her new recipes some terrible but eating them anyway,lovely memories.
Thankyou for the reply these memories do help MM69

Lovely memories amazing where they come from isn’t it. Mine was exasperation with my husband. We had both been married before and I had brought up a family but when I cooked he stood over me making sure I did everything right. I am a perfectly good cook and pointed out to him that I had brought up a family and hadn’t killed anyone off yet. He had lived on his own for six years and also a competent cook. We had to come to an agreement that we never entered the kitchen when the other was cooking. I remember getting annoyed one Christmas and ended up going out for a bike ride for two hours to calm down. All makes me laugh now and a tale that we often told. Such fond memories.