Christmas without my husband

Christmas is going to be so hard without my husband,I feel so alone,empty and drained.My only wish for Christmas was that he was beside me,but this is not going to happen.I have purchased a couple of decorations for the tree, a ornament Robin for me to look at and know he is with us.I will be strong as this is what my husband would have wanted,but it will be difficult.Luckly I have my daughter,son- in-law,grand daughters,parents and brother to be with me on Christmas Day,This will help to ease the pain,but deep down Iam worried how it is going to be,I know it will be tough for us all.Ithink at times I will need to go in another room just to spend a few moments alone to gather my thoughts.

I feel exactly the same, I just want him back. I never knew it was possible to feel this way, we loved each other so much and now the loneliness and sadness is overwhelming.
I am staying with my son and daughter in law who are being so supportive but it’s not the same and never will be again.

I cannot even think of Christmas this year. Everything seems so surreal. It is just over 2 weeks since I lost my lovely George and even though I am still able to see him at the funeral home, it still has not sunk in that he is not coming back. I cannot believe that this has happened to us in such a short period of time. I also keep going over his last few days and if anything could have been done to save him. I love him so much and like you the loneliness and sadness is overwhelming. I know he was really ill, but what he actually died of is treatable and that is what I am struggling with. Christmas is just another day and even if George had lived, we knew it was going to be different this year. We will get through this somehow. I strongly believe George is by my side and though I cannot physically touch him, he will be with me. It does not make the thought of going through the day any easier though xx

No Christmas will ever be the same or any other day to be honest. I miss Denise so much it hurts. Been to work this morning but I’ve come home. I don’t know why she’s not here any more. I really wish I knew what I have done to deserve this. Life’s so cruel x

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None of us have done anything to deserve this nor could we have changed it. I know it wouldn’t hurt so much if the love that we have for our partners wasn’t so deep. I am truly honoured to have been Tim’s wife and for the life we shared. That’s what is keeping me going at the moment because that love will never fade. He didn’t leave me because he wanted to, he had no choice.

I am really struggling this morning. I find mornings the worse. I just want this nightmare to end. George’s funeral is looming and I don’t know if I can cope with it. I know people say I will but I don’t know. I am trying to be strong but I feel I am losing the battle xx

When is George’s Funeral, Debra ?

Is a difficult time but having the funeral will help,it won’t take the pain away but it will help.Just try to be strong for yourself

I was dreading Denise’s funeral but it wasn’t so traumatic as I thought it was going to be. I found some inner strength that day. I even managed to read her eulogy. I’d already pre warned the vicar I might not be able to. She wasn’t in the casket she was standing with me. Seeing so many people made me feel so proud that she had touched so many people. Try not to fear the funeral. I haven’t stopped crying since but you can get through the day. George will be with you you will feel him as I felt Denise xxxx

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