It’s the first Christmas without my dad.
Work colleagues, social media, friends and society in general are in a joyous frame of mind and quite frankly I am sick of smiling and putting on a happy facade. Currently I do not have a single decoration up and my tree is still in the cupboard under the stairs and quite frankly they can stay there this year. I’m having a Christmas free zone. The only Christmas related thing is my mum is coming to stay with us for a few days and we will have turkey and trimmings on the day
How did everyone else cope with their first Christmas?

Awe Gayle, the first Christmas can be the hardest. To be honest, it was a blur for me… All I can say is that it gets easier to cope with as time goes on. God Bless and take care.

It’s my first Christmas without my husband who died five months ago. I’m jealous of everyone’s happiness and plans. I’ve decorated a little bit but keep putting off putting up the tree because we always did it together. I’m so far behind with cooking the dishes I have to bring to Christmas day at my mom’s house, ugh. I just want to sleep through it all.