Today i was going through my christmas gifts and cards and its the first time i wont be writing my step mums name on anything and i cant believe it. 3 and a half months shes been gone and i still want to talk to her everyday

Dear @Baba1

That is hard and not including a loved one with writing cards at Christmas or on their birthday brings back home the reality of their passing but you never forget them. Have you thought about talking out aloud to your mum? This is normal and healthy and can be comforting.

You are not alone and we are all here for you, keep reaching out and take care of yourself.


@Peppers thankyou for your message. It hit me when my dad sent me a birthday card and it didnt have her name in it he said he was the same when writing it.
I havent thought about talking out loud to her tbh. It maybe something to consider

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