Last year I lost my Mum, Cousin, Husband, Aunt & Uncle. My 10 year old and I got through it. This year it seems harder I miss my husband so much. I am
Struggling to keep going for my son x


@Hilly - you have been through so much in just one year - my heart goes out to you. You and your ten year old deserve a break, some relief from all the grief and sadness. I hope 2023 is a much better year for you both. Hold tight, your friends on here are with you x

Thanks sometimes just wish could go to sleep and pain would all be away :broken_heart:
I know there are people worse off I don’t have many friends shut myself away

Hey @Hilly x I know how tough things can be. I hid away on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because of the memories of last year and how ill my husband was and how awful his treatment and the whole situation. I crept out on the day after Boxing Day and made myself see people. It helps me - too much isolation always brings me down. Hold tight, this year goes out tomorrow night and we can start a new year and try again. Our lives are there to be lived, as our loved ones would want us to do with all their hearts. You are not alone, my friend - take heart and another step forward x


What a nightmare year, bless you.
Sending love to your and your son. You deserve some good times. xxx

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