Hi All. My post a while back about Christmas, and coping without our loved ones struck a chord.with lots of us on here, now were nearly there, 11, days till Christmas, how are we all doing, for me ,its been hard this second Christmas, without my lovely Husband Alan here, i know hed be so.proud of me and our Sons, just coping without him, but hearing all the Christmas Songs , and adverts, has been so.emotional, anyway , its nearly here now,I’m wishing you all the best for Christmas, each and everyone on here, xx


@Sandra19531 This will be our first Christmas without my wife Claire and I am finding it all very difficult. I’m trying to be strong for my kids but not doing very well. I just want it to be over already but trying to make it halfway decent for my kids. Every day is a struggle. Hopefully it will get a bit easier with time.


Hi Bryan77.
So sorry for your loss of your dear Wife Claire, its really difficult getting through the first year of everythings, Christmas, is the hardest time, and you have to keep strong for your kids, too, I remember thinking last Christmas, i just want it to be over, like you, somehow, you get through it, with the help of Family and Friends, its a struggle, i lost my Husband July 2022, still have my wobbly days, but getting by. Not sure gets easier .are the right words,at the minute, but in time, ,hopefully ,it will , Take Care, x

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First year without my mum.keeping as strong as possible and becoming an actress for the day is all we can do. Distraction maybe is the way to cope with it.
For me I will be going out after lunch to a local beach for a walk as it’s somei totally different to what we have ever gone before.
Just be brave somehow everyone and like everything the day will pass whatever we do .
Deborah x