My son Christopher died on the 17th July 2023.He was born with right side Hemplegic ,Moderate learning disability, Epilepsy. He died from gastric bone mets,at least they think the primary cancer was Gastric.
I miss him phoning up in the morning from his hospital bed,saying get up you sleepy heads get out of bed.
He was so brave ,in the end the cancer went into the bone marrow.He died within 3 months. We miss him so much


Hello @Pest,

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. It sounds as though things are very difficult at the moment and you are understandably missing him a lot.

I’m glad that you’ve been able to share how you are feeling here and I hope that you find the community a good source of support. Everyone here has experienced the loss of a loved one and will understand some of what you are going through.

I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I wanted to share a few Sue Ryder resources with you that may help you right now.

Take care - keep reaching out,


Hi pest
So sorry about the loss of your son like myself it is not that long ago so like me it is still very raw I have had a couple of good days this week where I have only cried at night time but then today its been really bad I had a suggestion off someone on here to write a journal of how I feel everday and my thoughts I am going to give it a try as I feel I might benefit from this and its also good to get your feelings out there with some people that can understand how you feel losing a child is different to losing a parent I feel its much worse. Keep taking each day as it comes and keep connecting with people on here and family if you feel you can talk to them.
Best wishes


It is not right that a child even though they are a adult go before a parent. As he had special needs, and we were his next of kin. Things like closing bank accounts just brings it home to you . We just miss him so much.