Hi. I summoned up the courage to throw some of andy’s clothes away. It took a lot. But when the time came i didn’t feel sad, i felt some relief. These particular clothes didn’t mean much as they were suits, which he only wore to weddings and funerals. There are still some left as there were too many for the charity sacks. I feel guilty that i had no feelings for these things. My next quest will be to go through his countless cd’s, dvd’s and lp’s etc. Ian dreading it. I feel that the last piece of the initial grieving is done as andy’s headstone is now in place. Am going to see it next saturday with his best friend. Am i bad for feeling this way?


@Camille58 There’s no right or wrong way to feel. We all deal with loss and grief in our own way - you certainly don’t need to feel guilty. I’ve given away a lot of my late partner’s jewellery that she made because I’d like certain friends and family to have something personal of hers, and her daughter wants to sort out her clothes which is fine by me as I know she’ll spend time sorting it all out carefully. You can sort through the personal items when you feel like it. There’s no schedule to follow, just do it when you feel you’re ready. Best wishes.