Coffin was final insult

My Allison had battled with her self image all her life. Never knew her dad so lots of insults and name calling as a child. Battled with weight issues her whole life. Then during her final hours in hospital her body doubles in size.
She had to have extra large coffin. Was so upsetting to see and even put here.
Had to share my feelings. Through tears

My husband was a healthy looking guy but the opposite weight loss rapidly so skinny near to his end all these things you can’t get out your head I try to look at photos and picture Mick a healthy person.

Because her body had swollen so much I could not even have the type of coffin she wanted. Just seems so unfair and that was final insult. My GP has a lot to answer for. Just seems someone who gave her life to NHS, could not have children. And gone so early. The pain just increases as you think more. But can’t help doing it

I think we will always think deep and always want answers so unfair

My heart bleeds for you x
You are going through so much
I’ve cried and cried tonight can’t bear this loneliness feel like I can’t live anymore without him

But we do get through it somehow. In the last 4 weeks I would willingly go. But I’m still here although I am very different, damaged, but must be still here for a reason. Just need to find out what.

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