Colleague Bereavement

A week ago my colleague collapsed. I saw the emergency services work on her for over an hour but she was already gone. I can’t the get images out of my head. I know time will help but if anyone has any advice for getting through day to day now it would mean the world. Thank you x.

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Hi Lizzyj, that must have been an awful experience, to see a colleague collapse and die in front of you, all I can say is that it’s early days and it will get easier, if you have anyone close who you discuss it with, might help, don’t bottle it up, just be kind to yourself and realise you are allowed to be upset over the whole situation, sending hugs Jude xx

Those first few days were impossible for me to describe, and I never thought it was possible to recover from it, but bit by bit, I have, and now after 3 months I am happy again for the vast majority of the time. I still have an emotional outbreak once or twice a day, but that’s ok because its a time to remember her and the good times.
In the early days we just have to accept the grief, but by talking openly about your thought to anyone who will listen (and to those who try to deflect you off the subject) it will ease and the thoughts of panic will go away.
IT WILL EASE!!! AND IT WILL GO AWAY if you face it head on, and have some positive actions to do!
If you want more guidance straight away, I’ll give it now.
I cant tell you that it will take 3 months for you like it has for me, maybe more, maybe less.
I’m just looking at a photo of my beautiful wife of 50 years and smiling at her with just a little pang of sadness.