Colouring Therapy

Colouring can be very therapeutic. I have a colouring app on my tablet and it gives me gentle relief from life’s stresses. It can be very relaxing. I get a new daily influx of pictures to colour. I always look for pictures which relate to my man and our love, to colour first. This is today’s picture :heart:


I am still completely and utterly obsessed with my darling husband. I always will be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Me too Crazy Kate.
We too loved colouring. and we treated ourselves to loads of books to colour, mostly by Joanna Basford. They are gorgeous. The trouble is, I can’t bring myself to do any without him doing it with me with our favourite music playing in the background. I can’t even bear to look at the beautiful ones he did - he was much better at it than I am. He took so much more care.
This hurts SO much.

Hi Kate, good idea. I used to do these paintings as my husband was a painter and I didn’t want to be outdone. I have tried since I lost him but it’s proven hard. Think I will give it another go, thanks for reminding me.
Pat xxx

How lovely that you coloured together. I would never have got my husband to do that. He was always too busy in his garage and workshop. Try the app Ann rather than books. That way it’s a bit different from when you coloured with your man. Xx

Nice Pat. Real painting is too skilful for me. I can just about manage the online colour by numbers. :joy: You had a very clever man - painting and music; obviously very artistic. :heart: xx

Tony was the same with a workshop but he damaged the tendons in both legs some time ago (they both snapped with no warning when we were walking) and couldn’t stand for long so that’s when we started colouring. It was a shame because he was so good at woodwork and could turn his hand to anything. He never once complained about the fact he couldn’t carry on as normal, but that was him all over. He only ever thought about others, seldom himself. What a man he was.

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Hi. Kate. Yes, any form of art can help. Carl Jung felt that art in all it’s forms was very helpful in mental illness, and we in bereavement can take a lead from that. He, apart from his psychiatric practise, was a stone mason and that was his hobby. It may have taken his mind off his daily consultations. Your picture looks lovely. Colour can cheer one up. There is a therapy called ‘Colour Therapy’ where the patient is open to various colours according to their mood and problem.
Thanks for that. Best wishes. John.

It’s 4am and just finished colouring. Yup, it’s one of those nights. :roll_eyes:


Hi Kate .I also love colouring those books .Find it very good therapy. X

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I like this one. It reminds me of the mountain we continue to climb every day.
Keep climbing… :heart:

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Sending love and strength to everyone. xx

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Thanks Kate. A really lovely picture and a lovely thought. Regards. John.

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