In order to heal
if healing is truly your intention
sooner or later
you must create a safe
sacred space
a quiet space
where you can encounter your self.

If healing is truly your intention
sooner or later
you will have to stop running
from life.
Your life.

If healing is truly your intention
sooner or later
you will have to admit
that “keeping busy”
is not the path to healing.

The path to healing is encountering YOU.
So you can listen
to the story
you are telling yourself
and the world
about what you’ve lived through.
The death of your beloved.

Much of the pain you are experiencing
is rooted in the beliefs
you have chosen
consciously or subconsciously
to cling to.

When you are quiet
and still
your beliefs rise to the surface
and you can examine them.
by one
by one.

But only if your intention is to heal.

You may discover that some of these beliefs
rise up inside you ~

His life was cut short.

She was taken too soon.

I’ve been robbed of so many wonderful years with him.

I’ll never forgive myself.

I never got to say good-bye.

She shouldn’t have suffered that way.

He is gone forever.

I should have saved her.

These are all beliefs that create incredible pain.
Perhaps you are holding on to one
or more of these beliefs.
Perhaps you are holding on to other
equally painful beliefs.

Set some time aside today
to encounter YOU
and your beliefs.

If you’re able
take the first step to freedom
by sharing one of your painful beliefs with us.

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I like what you have written my only regret is that you are advertising on a website that is run by a charity that relies heavy on volunteers and donations.

Thank you I loved reading that and it helps, unfortunately loosing my partner has left me in an awful financial position so I can even buy a book which is extra stressful but maybe down the line.
We do need permission to grieve which is so sad I feel like I have to grieve alone at home.

Hi, I should have mentioned that this is by Tom Zuba. He has helped me enormously.