Coming up for 6 years

Just when you think life is getting better you get hit by another blow.
These are the times like today when you get bad news & all you want is a Cwtch & reassurance
If it wasn’t for my boys & my dogs I would cheerily follow her as the heartache never does ebb.
At the moment I have the latter & my work of 44 years & that soon could be coming to an end sooner than I wish for.
Once that’s gone I feel I’ll just be sitting waiting for my turn to climb the staircase to heaven.
I never felt so alone but when asked how I am I put on the big smile & say yes I’m fine.
My gut tells me I’m lying but that’s I feel I’ve got left to say.

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I am sorry for yur loss. Have a Cwtch from me - they really do help. My husband died last year (16 months ago) and I am still walking around in a daze, just doing what needs to be done. I am retired so it is not brilliant although I have hobbies to keep me occupied and a loving family.
Let’s hope it gets better one day, but I am not holding my breath!
With sympathy and good wishes, AnnR

Although people say time is a great healer, it’s obviously more like ‘ you learn to live with the grief’

I’m guessing like yourself we were reaching that age when we could finally start making plans to unwind and prepare for our future retirement, time spent together.

Instead we are faced with endless years of loneliness, days of just getting by, functioning with no real happiness in our hearts.

Take care
Dee xx


Hi @Mike1958.

Just seen your post. I’m a bloke who’s lost his wife to dementia and now she lives in a home. Been on my own for two years now and every day I visit I’m reminded again of my loss. She doesn’t know me but I try to communicate my love every day.

I know it’s not quite the same as total loss but I can sort of understand your emotions. Over time I’ve come to understand that what can help is just unloading on Forums like this ( I do it daily) and, in the environment of anonymity, we can more or less say anything, even the most mundane.

Keep posting

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