Completely at a loss with this new site.

I have not had emails for ages telling me that people have been commenting on different forums. I have had a couple of emails from people who know me and to which I replied, but apart from that nothing. I have had to check to see if people have been posting comments on the forums and to my surprise there are lots of them so why didn’t I know about them. The old site used to send me an email every single time a comment was posted, no matter which forum it was on. Is anyone else having the same problem.

Hi forum leader I agree with this post can we get back to the old way of notifications with an opt out button if you did not want to be notified thank you

If you go to your Profile page there are buttons that give you choices as to what you want to do and how messages can be notified or not. I get reminders when someone posts a reply because of the numbers that come up on my Profile. If you click on the your Profile picture you will see posts to which you have replied or posted.
I must admit that finding my way round at first was not easy, but now I find it’s a good modern site. But that’s only my opinion. :roll_eyes:

Hi Jonathon,
Thank you for the information but I know that, but the problem is I am not receiving any emails whatsoever telling me someone has posted new comments or started a new conversation. I don’t just want to see who has replied to my conversation as I can see that by clicking my profile, I want to see emails telling me there are new conversations on the forums, just like it used to be on the old site. Whenever someone new posted a new conversation, or someone replied to someone else’s conversation, I received an email informing me of this but no longer. I am only receiving emails from people I have been in contact with previously . I have to log into the Sue Ryder website, go to new conversations and see what has been happening which is wrong, anytime someone posts on the forums, we should receive an email to inform us of this so we can respond if we want to.

Thank you Jonathon.


Hi Jonathan123
I too find it’s a good modern site once you get used to it and it gives you so many choices of how you choose to interact on here. As I am very busy I don’t have the time to read every single notification of everyone who posts. I have a life to live outside of my “inbox” ha!ha.
Appreciate though that lots of people don’t like change and struggle to adapt.

I am computer literate and it is not because I cannot understand what is going on, my problem is that I am never, ever, receiving emails about new conversations or comments other people make on other forums. I receive emails when people I have communicated with over the past, but any new conversations that come onto the forums, I never, ever get informed about.
I too don’t have time to spend reading everything, but what I would like is to be given the choice of what I want and do not want to comment on, but I am not getting that choice with this new system

I think admin addressed this particular issue and were working on solving it? Maybe drop admin a message

Thank you, I will. I never received an email about it, this is the problem I am not seeing anything about anything anymore.

I’m wondering if I am receiving the e-mail’s I should. I have never received e-mails telling me who is answering on the forum but don’t find this a particular problem as when I log on posts are marked to indicate that I haven’t read them, so not a problem as far as I’m concerned. However I now find that I am not receiving e-mails to tell me that I have a private e-mail. Some are getting through just fine but others don’t arrive. I do manage to find them though but It can be some time so hope that it’s not thought that I’m ignoring private e-mails.

Hi Pat, I only receive messages from people who I reply to or who contact me specifically. I also see a heading that states so many unread emails, then when I click on it, it says, all emails read, which I have not read as I have no idea what emails they are talking about. It is just a mystery to me so now I am responding to emails of people who have recently contacted me but I never receive emails stating there is a new discussion on the forum and when I go searching for newly posted messages I cannot find any.
I also wonder if people think I am ignoring them as I cannot reply to messages if I do ot receive an email telling me I have one, because clicking on my profile is just a waste of time.

My goodness Sheila this new setup is not being kind to you is it. I must admit although I’m eventually finding messages but it all seems a bit hit and miss and I’m never really sure when I send one if it’s getting through alright. I do receive an e-mail to tell me if someone is sending me a private message but have noticed now that not all of them are notifying me so I am having to search myself and last week found four that hadn’t come through my e-mail, although since I have received two that have come through my e-mail alright so it’s all seems a bit messy.

I know what you mean. I just cannot be bothered searching for new topics anymore, my eyes are not too good as my Sjogrens has been playing up since I have been ill so I don’t have the patience to scroll through things to see what I have missed. It is a shame really because there must be newly grieving people who are posting on the forums that we are not getting informed about. I think I will give it a rest until the New Year and then give it another go. I think the main problem is that we are not receiving emails about newly posted comments or emails about new conversations and there lies the problem as it means we are only speaking to the person who answers our messages so it is a back and forth thing with no new comments.
I hope you have a peaceful Christmas.

Lots of love,


Hi @Lonely and @Cilcil

Don’t worry, this is still on my radar. We have got them working for most people, but there still seems to be a problem that’s affecting some of you. I’ve got our technical team booked in to look at this next week.

I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, as some of you have already checked, but it is also possible that some of the notifications are going spam folders for some of you. You can stop this by adding to your safe senders list.

Once again, I’m really sorry to anyone who’s still not getting all their email notifications.

I just find the new system hard to understand.