Hi Everyone,
I’m new on here.
I lose my darling mother 7 weeks ago and I am finding of so difficult. I feel so utterly heartbroken. I am starting to understand that each day is different and that this is a process that I have to go through however I feel like I’m confused or have ‘brain fog’ trying to contemplate what has happened. I find myself just zoning out trying to make sense of it all. Does anyone else feel like this?


Hello AngBris

I am so sorry for your loss. I am new to this forum too. I think you will find everyone very supportive. Your loss is quite recent mine was 10 years ago but we are all in the same boat. I can’t offer too much advice just now as I’m struggling a bit myself just now but just know we all care and are here to support you. Much love Lesley x

Hi Lesley,
Thank you for your message.
Sorry for the loss of your mum. Even though it has only been 7 weeks, it sees like time just stands still if you know what I mean. It’s nice to know that people are so understanding and supportive on here. Sending love, Ang xx

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Hi Ang
I am also new on here and hear your pain. My mum passed away 12/22 unexpectedly after a procedure in hospital. We were unable to have her funeral until 15 Feb this year 8wks ago have an inquest still to happen in May. The pain is unbearable I was very very close to my mum. I can’t believe it and I seem to go in and out of the 7 stages of grief currently I’m an emotional wreck I have gone back to work after 4 months thinking it would be better but it’s still the same. I currently have a rare occasion in the present moment where I think of her without tears but then I become lost again.
I can see a light through the storm but it is in the distant and I just try to get my light to lead the way!! Sending love :heart: and healing :mending_heart:


Hi Charlie,
Thank you for your message.
I’m sorry to hear about your dear mum. I completely understand when you talk about the pain being unbearable, sometimes it feels like my tummy is turning in knots from the desperate feeling of sorrow that completely consumes me.
I feel that what helps me is that knowledge that O know my mam would want me to live my best life. I’m sure that exactly what your mum would want as well. Perhaps we can take comfort in that we can try out best to do this, in our mums honour.
Sending lots of love,
Ang xx

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Thank you :pray:t3: and yes you are exactly right my mum would hate to see the way I am it’s just hard but we will honour our beautiful mummas :heart::heart::heart:


Oh I’m so sorry, I to lost my mum nearly 5 weeks ago now, I find that time is passing so quickly but my mood keeps changing all the time as well and I feel that I’m not coping very well.

I’m finding it hard to get up in the mornings cause i think what is the point. I’m currently off work but know I have to go back at some point but it fills me with dread the thought of returning when I feel like I’m not getting any better.

My mum was only 50 and she was under the coroners for what seemed like forever. Said they’d taken samples then said they would be doing a ct scan then to my dismay said a limited post mortem was needed. After recieving her interim I learnt that they didn’t conduct these tests still exactly a week later. I just wanted her back to rest it seens cruel holding onto her for as long as they did.

I feel if they did it earlier they wouldn’t of needed a post mortem but not sure how these things work.

I thought after the funeral I’d have some sort of relief but i feel much worse now, I just miss her so much :broken_heart:

Hey Jess,
I’m so sorry to hear this and your mum is my age. I know exactly how you feel sweetheart since my mum’s funeral the pain has been worse I don’t think until if happens to you your not going to know just how much impact is has on you. Me and my brother feel like we are in a living nightmare :weary:sending :heart: and :pray:t3:

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Just carrying on I hear you when you say you miss her so much the pain breaks me me and my mum were very close spoke every day if not more than once. I miss her essence her unconditional love her smile everything of her, my dad died when I was little so she was all we had and now even though my brother and I are adults and have our own children we just feel like orphans in this world. As hard as it is our mums would not want us to be grieving as we are but my advice be kind to you if you wanna stay in bed do I’ve just returned to work after 4 months off it’s been really hard and I am still so emotional but prior to this I spent all day in bed but we only have ourselfs to say you know what enough is enough we have to carry on. They say the first year is the hardest but don’t holdback on how your feeling don’t keep it in let it out and surround yourself with people who love and support you and who don’t say anything when you break down in their space and presence xxxx

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