Laid awake in bed again with my own thoughts.
Going to share my story (very long)
My husband went on a motorbike tour with about 70 others to Belgium leaving home 11th May 2023. On 13th we got the dreaded news with a number of a belgium hospital to phone.
They said he died on the way to hospital after being hit by another motor bike and had severe internal injuries.
Next day was told by another biker with him no other vehicles involved.
3 days after the incident was told he misjudged a bend hit a kerb his own bike came down on him.
British embassy said died of internal injuries due to impact.
Forward a week he came of his bike and was hit by another bike.
Finally get him home (which is a whole book in itself) nearly 3 weeks later, got a phone call off the local coroner to be told he had a long term health conditions unknown to us. She asks what I was told stories don’t match needs a post mortem (not done in Belgium but been embalmed). 2 days later the coroner says no injuries at all samples took be in touch within 6 months. He was released and nearly 6 weeks later we had his funeral. Now I’ve had a email of the coroner requesting background info, medication/conditions (none) and an explanation of what I think happened. Then to top it all an email of the public prosecutor’s office in Belgium about an ongoing investigation. And thus only the part about him personally the rest I’d be here all night. Any one any advice I feel like I’m going insane


@Sah28 - I am so sorry - you have lost your beloved husband so suddenly, overseas and in circumstances that not only people can’t explain to you but in confusing and contradictory ways. What a nightmare for you. I think you should take this record of the varying explanations of the accident, to the British Embassy in Belgium, and ask them to resolve it. They were on hand at the time, know the system and the people involved (police, hospital, etc) and can be your link and support with the Public Prosecutor’s office. If this fails, approach your MP. Keep posting and sharing, my friend, we are with you on here. I hope you can get the answers you need, so you can grieve x


I have had the British embassy involved I’ve had serious issues with the Belgium police about his belongings, motorbike and money that he had on him. I have been in touch with the public prosecutor over there but over a week no reply. I had to locate the hospital he was in by using find my iPhone for the travel insurance that’s basically how bad it’s been :disappointed:


my dear @Sah28 - what a horrible struggle - it seems no-one is helping you with this. Your MP may be able to help - at least through contacts at the Foreign Office, maybe. Another thing to consider, if you can, is hiring a private investigator. I hope someone or something will turn up trumps for you and really soon, my friend.


For goodness sake you are being given the right run around ! I would personally go see your local MP and see if he can take some pressure off you !! Deal with some of the things for you ! I used my MP in past for serious matters and they are really good xx that’s what they are there for ! To serve the people xxx

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