Coping at Xmas time

Not looking forward to Xmas first year without my husband but I do have my children and grandchildren that will help me a lot

Hi Ella and welcome to our online community.

I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband and am glad you have your family and you can help each other at this difficult time.

Christmas can be a tough time when you’ve lost a loved one and there will be many people here who understand what you’re feeling. Like this thread for example

I do hope you find some comfort in our community.

Best wishes

Hello Ella, I did not lose a husband, however I know that the first Christmas without our loved ones can be so empty, and intensify our grief. My younger sister died only 7 months ago, and like you, I dread X-mas this year. My sister and I always celebrated, and she made it so special. Since losing our parents, we bonded even closer and continued the family traditions. Even though she had cancer, last year at this time she was doing quite well, and we had hope. You are blessed to have children and grandchildren to help get you through this difficult time. Nevertheless I understand that need to have the person we lost with us, because no one can ever fill that void. I am so sorry for your loss, and I hope you will post again through the days ahead. Many others here are struggling with the pain of facing Xmas without their loved one, whether it is that awful “first” or years later, it always hurts. Take care, Sister2

Thanks for your message sister 2 I know how you feel Xmas is the worst time we have to be strong our loved ones would want hope you get through it ok Ella x

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