Coping with a loss

Hi everyone, my 20 year old sister was found dead in August, it’s been treated as suspicious so two post mortems and investigations going on, now I thought I was handling it ok, however I’ve started to notice I’m a shadow of my former self, my relationship has started to crumble as I’m off, grumpy and paranoid I’ll lose him too etc I’m very irritated all the time which isn’t like me! Is there anyway of approaching a professional about this as I’m hating the way I’m dealing with this
Thankyou x

My advice, is to talk to someone. Whether it be ur partner, ur doctor ir anyone u can…and uve taken the first step, by joining this site…ask for help. Its the only way.

I agree. Never try to go it alone. It doesn’t work for most of us. You have to be kind to yourself and look for help as on here. We do change with this awful experience. It’s to be expected.
Grief can affect relationships because so often a partner may not fully understand how you feel. This Sue Ryder site offers counselling. There are also may other places that can help, like your local hospice. Your GP can also help so a visit would not do any harm even if you don’t want medication. Appetite can be affected by grief. Many lose weight as they mourn. It’s all about those initial stages where nothing seems to have any point.
Support is what this site is about. I know it’s all at a distance, but love and sincerity travel well.
I wish you well. Hang in there. Well, as best you can. Take care of yourself.

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