coping with death of my mom at 12 years of age

I lost my mom when I was 12 years of age, I am now 17 years of age and nothing has got any easier. I still have a pain in my heart that will never go away, I still cry my self to sleep sometimes. I get that horrible pain in my stomach when Im crying, that pain is because I know I will never see my mommy again. I watched her battle 8 years and still be a strong and independent woman. I am nothing but proud of her. I’ve learnt to remember all the good times I have had with her and focus on my future to make her the proudest mom she could ever be as that’s all I ever wanted.

I am so sorry you lost your mother at so a young age.It must have been so hard on you and you must miss her everyday like I miss my husband every day.Are I sure that that if she was still was here she would telling you how much she loved you and how proud she is of you
I am sure you have got a wonderful future a head of you.I wish you all the best

Hi, my heart goes out to you. Wish I could give you a big hug and take your pain away. You are so young to have lost your mum and to have watched her battle for 8 years. It must have been so awful for you. No one should have to endure that at such a young age. You are right to be proud of her and she is so proud of YOU. You are strong and brave and no one can take away your happy memories or special times together. My mum died 9 years ago and I was 47. I still talk to her and of course miss her every day. No one can ever replace your mum but focusing on your future and maybe meeting a special person to love and share your life is something to hang on to. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Love from Karen XX

Dear Amyloux1

The way you talk about your mum is beautiful. That you are proud of her. That you saw her as a strong and independent women, through such difficult times. You’re still so young, but you seem wiser than your years. You seem very strong, even though you may not feel it.

Do you feel like talking to bereavement people might help? There may be resources available for you if you do? If not - keep talking to people on here if it helps you.

My mum died 4 weeks ago today. For me, my feelings vary between this sort of disbelief that she’s gone, and then the crushing feeling in my chest when I realise she’s not coming back, so maybe I know a little bit about how you feel. Life is just different now, a really rubbish sort of different. A couple of things that I’ve thought about over the past few weeks, were how much pain mum was in, and although I’d absolutely love to see her again, if I could, I wouldn’t bring her back, because her quality of life was truly rubbish and not something I’d wish on anyone I loved.

I think you’re doing so well to be so positive and to be looking forward to your future. I think we’ll probably have bad days, when we think about all of the “future memories” we’ve missed out on making with our loved ones, but we’ll also have a lot of good days in our lives too. We find a way to keep going. It’s ok to feel sad, and it’s ok to feel happy. It’s important to be kind to yourself. Feel whatever you want to feel, but please don’t be afraid to reach out to others like your doctor, a friend, family member, if you feel that is what you need to do.