Coping with grief

I’m 28 and my mum died 5 weeks ago from cancer. I was so so close to my mum. She was my best friend I saw her and spoke to her multiple times a day and lived with her for the final 9 months of her life after initiating divorce from my husband. I’m so lost, we had the funeral last week and it’s only now things have hit me. Up until now I had been busy organising her affairs, sorting the funeral etc.

Now she’s gone my life feels so empty and I just don’t know how I can cope with it. I feel so lonely. My step dad kicked me out a few days after she died, all my bags were packed and room cleared out. He told me I should go back to my house with my ex, we had numerous conversations about why this couldn’t happen. Other members of his family also have turned on me since. I have been living with friends ever since and finally found a place to rent in a town about 80 miles away that I was planning on moving to once my house had sold and I am done with uni. I feel I’ve lost more than my mum at this point and my whole family dynamic has been turned on its axis.

I just can’t cope with these feelings and don’t know what to do. I have sisters and I speak to them and see them but nothing is like speaking with my mum and just feels pointless.

I’m sorry for the rant, just feeling very lost, alone and scared.

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Hello @Broken4, I am so sorry for the loss of your mum, as well as the loss of your home. That is such a lot to be coping with, and it’s absolutely understandable that you are feeling lost and scared.

It can be hard to know where to even begin to make sense of our grief. I wanted to share our Online Bereavement Support with you. As well as this community, we also offer free counselling, a free text service and our Grief Guide, which has lots of self help tools.

I hope you find our community to be a support to you - you’re not alone.

Take care