Coping with loss in the longer term

I want to say five years after losing my love of 19 years, I am coping but it’s still hard. I think it will be for all of us. I have met a new man, a lovely man, a year and a half ago. He is good for me and I hope I’m good for him. But what I want to say: we will always grieve for our loss. How could it be otherwise. We need to accept that. Our loved ones made us what we are.

David your post resonates with me totally and I wish you all the very best with your new friend. Our loss changes us and it takes time to realise that fact. Enjoy your new life. S

Thank you. It ha been hard. For us all

Hi I hope your happy 4 months since my husband passed does it get easier thank you

I’m not an expert: just a survivor. It never goes away, in my experience, you just learn to cope. For me the fact I met someone new, quite unexpected, was a lesson. David.

Kim, as David says we aren’t experts but from hearing what others say on here and reading books plus my own experience it becomes part of you because we change and I think we learn to live with it or expect it to be part of who we have become. Some one said it’s the price we have to pay for knowing that love but if so it’s a hard price. It is definitely possible to find another soulmate and love again, many do. Four months is still early days on this journey, learn to be kind to yourself and take care of yourself particularly at present with this virus. Life will improve, honestly it will. Bless you and keep safe. S xxx

Thank you for your replies x

Hi. davidf. I am so pleased for you. We have to find comfort and happiness whenever we can. Finding someone you can talk to is a major step forward. Your remarks about never forgetting even after five years is so true. We can never forget, but maybe find a new life with someone who cares. Very best wishes for your future happiness. John.