Coping with stressful times alone

Since my Derek passed away a lot has happened & coping with stress & anxiety without him is hard. Monday was his birthday & the 3rd one without him & I wrote this poem that summed up my feelings & what has happened since he went, but as a family we’ve got through & I know he’d be proud.
Yesterday I had news that I can’t share with our girls as they have their own worries & as I really thought I was turning a corner …. wallop, “where are you when I need you”, is back to the fore with a vengeance. It’s probably something & nothing but I’ve had a recall from my breast screening & you can’t help but worry, more so when no one to reassure you. Mind you whenever I’ve been ill Derek was more panicked than me, so not sure how much help he’d be, but you know what I mean he’d be here.
It’s a never ending battle it seems. Take care all xx

My Poem for Derek

Happy Birthday sweetheart, you’re 62 today,
It still doesn’t feel real that you were taken away,
Everyday I miss you being right here next to me,
Every morning I wish you were the first person I’ll see.

But you give me strength to get through each day,
You are here in my heart, you have not gone away,
I will always carry you with me in everything I do,
And when I’m smiling & laughing I know you are too.

You will be so proud of your two beautiful girls,
Both gone through so much in this sometimes cruel world,
Three grandchildren have arrived, two left too soon,
Arlo here with us, Robin & Alexander now with you.

But we are all one big family, together in our hearts,
Together in everything we do, we will never be apart,
The love that runs through us, this love comes from you,
We will love you forever and will always miss you too.

Today I cannot promise that I will not shed a tear,
But we will celebrate with you, I know you’ll be here,
Robin & Alexander will be sat on their Grandads knee,
Arlo here with Grandma, proud grandparents of three.

Love you forever :heart:


Hi . What a beautiful ,heartfelt , poem , it has me in tears . Your husband will be so proud of you . I feel our one true love , our husbands . Are looking down on us , and giving us the strength to go on without them next to us . In this so cruel world . … hope everything is ok with hospital appointment . I understand not wanting to let your girls know . Try not to worry to much . I know easier said than done . We are here for you . Thinking of you . Sending love and a big hug . Xtake carex


What a lovely poem and tribute to your husband and grandchildren.
I’ve been called back for breast screening before and I can appreciate how worried you are. I was ok in the end just a blocked duct but every time I go now it’s always at the back of my mind.
I can understand you not wanting to worry your girls. Have you got a close friend that can come for moral support it will help to have someone with you.
I’m sure Derek will be with you looking over your shoulder and get you through this.
Sending love
Debbie X


That’s a wonderful poem.
Sending you a hug for your appointment.



Such a lovely poem.
Good luck with your appointment. Easier said than done but try not to worry too much I got recalled a few years ago and after another mammogram and ultrasound they said everything was fine.

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