Coping with their family

When my partner died in June this year it was so sudden as we didn’t know he had advanced pancreatic cancer
We were not married & he didn’t leave a will
His son took everything & the family were horrid
I was pushed out at funeral & they took his ashes & I don’t know what they did with them. We were together for 10 years
How do you cope with this?

Rosie.I know many people this had happened to and it just increases grief and anger. Someone I knew gave her home up to move in with her partner and she nursed him through illness. When he died his family changed the locks on his house and she went into sheltered housing. I don’t know the answer but think you just have to keep him in your heart. Ashes are just the outer shell of your partner’s being. His soul is in a peaceful place. Talk to him and cherish him and ignore his terrible family. My husband died of pancreatic cancer so I can identify with you. It is a dreadful disease often with no symptoms til it has advanced. God bless and take care.

Thanks Angie
Pancreatic cancer is awful. We didn’t know he had it. He had been waiting nearly a year for prostate surgery so his last year was hell with that. He had infection after infection with the catheter. His last 3 weeks were silent in hospital with no visitors & I couldn’t be with him at the end. It breaks my heart to think of him being alone with just strangers.
All his son was interested in was what money he would get. First thing he said to his father when he was told about the cancer was had he got life insurance.
I just have to try to put in behind me & remember the good times but it’s so hard especially now as on my own virtually all the time because of the pandemic. I have a support bubble with my daughter but try to keep away as much as possible because of the virus.

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Hi Angiejo
I agree pancreatic cancer is awful. We didn’t know he had it . He went into hospital with what we thought was gallstones. Less than 3 weeks later he was gone.
That fact he spent that last almost 3 weeks Of his life in hospital with no visitors because of covid & he died with only strangers with him is something I don’t think I will ever get over.