Coping with xmas

Hi I lost my dad in June he had been taken into a care home in April as he had dementia snd Parkinson’s , 2 months later he died in hospital with sepsis , we had been unable to see him during this time and it’s breaking my heart , the guilt is consuming me and I keep thinking if we had found a way to keep him at home this well may not have happened , I cry every day , some days I’m terrible and just don’t know how I’m going to get through Xmas , to make things worse my beautiful cat if 17 years died 3 weeks afterwards , some may say it was only a cat , but he was my baby and my my dads cat also died the day after dads funeral , my daughter also contacted covid and was hospitalised , all this over 2 months , I don’t know where to turn some days as such a lot has happened in a short space of time , my mom is probaly coping better than me , I only have immediate family and they have been great , but I can’t seem to find any help outside of my family , unless it’s paid for and I dont earn a lot of money to afford this , I would just like someone to talk to who’s been through similar who can help me through it please , Thankyou for taking the time to read this x

Hi, Debs2
I haven’t been through what you have been through, but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. The nearest I can get to your experiences is what happened to me when I was only 14. My adored Nana died, then my Granddad, and a few days later, my beloved dog, all in the space of a month. It was SO hard! I cried and cried and my schoolwork suffered but, I got through it, and you will too, I promise.
So I understand completely that is wasn’t only a cat, it was a treasured part of your family and of course you miss him/her. On top of the other losses, this must be almost unbearable. But it will get better, although the road to ‘better’ will be hard, you will get there. You will never forget, but one day you will remember with a smile.
Stay strong. Think how your loved ones would want you to be and, most of all, remember you are not on your own. Your friends on this site will support you.
Much love and sympathy,
Ann xx


Thankyou so much for replying , it really helps that someone has listens to me and bothered to reply , Thankyou

You are very welcome, Debs. X

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Hello!, I lost my dad 23rd December 2017 to a drug overdose, he was my whole world my best friend then unfortunately lost my step dad June 2019 to cancer so Christmas is very hard for me! But keep trying to stay strong! Thinking off you! Xx

Hello, I lost dad last November and 4 weeks later my precious cat died so I know how it feels. I see it as dad wanted company up in heaven and my little one was the right choice for him. It’s tough and I think it always will be but it does get easier to have good days x

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