Coping without your mum

Hi I’m kerry i sadly lost my mum on the 30th November 2021 and she lost her battle with cancer and pneumonia. I’m finding it hard at night going to sleep and having bad thoughts every night before bed. I was so close to my mum and I’m feeling sad everyday. We had my mum’s funeral on 21st December 2021. But since the funeral has gone I’m finding it hard to concentrate and focus everyday and feeling low. I have close family and friends with me all the time but sometimes all you want my mum.


Hi Kerry my mum died on 12 November from lung cancer. It is nice to know there is someone else in the same boat I feel so lost but I have downloaded a mindful app and it gives you a play list to help with sleep and refocusing in the day when you are struggling too. Give it a go sending you a BIG HUG X

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Hi Kerry,I lost my mum in August following a year of misdiagnoses,which resulted in a week in hospital,then she passed :pensive:. I coped ,now I’m not coping at all. It’s such a rollercoaster, I don’t know how to get off. I have my husband and children,but still feel so alone. How are you feeling now?

Hi Sarah22 I’m doing ok! But still feel sad that’s she’s gone, I’ve got my dad and brother and aunties to help me get through day to day. I struggle everyday without her but I think I’m coping better.

I’m glad you are feeling better. I feel very alone
I don’t have my dad and my brother didn’t want to know,so left me to deal with everything on my own. I think I’m just very angry at him and feel a bit empty without mum around

I feel lonely sometimes and I wish my mum was still here with me. If you need to talk I’m always here to chat.

Hi Kerry,

I feel your loss as i lost my mum a few weeks ago and i go from feeling lost to just not being bothered about anything, Its quite difficult but i know she is watching over me and trying my best to just get on with life.