Thank you to you who responded to my first post about my partner’s children taking all his personal possessions away. I have taken myself to Portugal for a short break and can now see things a bit more clearly. It was good to take myself completely away and put things in perspective. It Would be good to have possessions but at the end of the day it is memories that count and I have plenty of those.

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Am so sorry to hear your loss and the loss of special and sentimental things. I experienced something not too dissimilar when my mothers children from her first marriage saw fit to turn up when I was at work and didn’t tell me they cleared out everything from my father leaving me with one or two photographs and expecting me to be ok with their decision without asking me or consulting with me first. A break away can put things into perspective but you are right it’s the menories we can never be robbed of and those are the most prescious.
Big hugs to you and your journey may it get easier with time and hope you find your smile again xx