CORONA EMERGENCY....can we help?

Hello everyone!
It has occurred to me that many of us who have found such support and friendship on this site might be able to use our experience to help in this crisis.
Many of us here survive isolation on a daily basis and whilst it is not what any of us wanted, each one of us has managed to cope and even found a silver lining on some occasions! Now may be a good time to share the tips which have worked for us so that we can help reduce some of the anxiety the elderly are currently feeling and help them plan for the isolation ahead. Most importantly, each one of us could cast a proactive eye around our neighbours and see if support is needed…can we help with shopping or go to the local charity shop and buy some jigsaws and puzzles which might alleviate our new friend’s boredom? Can we make sure they have some way of accessing the wider world remotely…possibly even helping them with basic computer skills?
If you are one of those who has stocked up a little could you make up a little gift box from your stash? Many older people can only buy what they need on a weekly basis…already supermarkets have gaps and it may well be that your neighbour has no teabags, sugar or milk for the week ahead…that will only exacerbate their anxiety! Similarly, food banks are struggling …if each one of us here gave just one item we could really make a difference to those even more vulnerable than ourselves.
I hope that I have not overstepped any mark by posting this but I feel really deeply that each one of us can use our grief experience positively at this time.
Take care everyone…keep safe and love one another x


This is such a wonderful post and right too, thank you Amelie_sgran, although at 80 years old, I surely must come into the vulnerable category :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Self-isolation is natural for me, as I have written in another reply I have been out only once since the 8th January. x x


Thank you Amelie, that is really lovely and yes we need to look after each other. My heart goes out to those newly bereaved, having to deal with all that horror and this on top of it. Not sure if I could cope with all that stress.
Please people out there take care of both your physical and mental health.
Bless each and every one.

Hello, Susie123.
I do believe that you would cope, we are given inner strength to do so. Because of my numerous medical conditions, I have out, only once, since the 8th January, this was when I was discharged from hospital.
It is strange, but when you are faced with my situation, you just do it, guidance comes from above and you become reconciled with this, please don’t believe that you will rot and not have any interests, there are many which I do.
Take care,

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Mary, I know l will get through but my feelings are for the people who have just started on this journey of bereavement. For them this must be horrific and if they have to self isolate, then it will make the whole situation worse.
Not being able to do what we wish in life makes us different people but as we know life goes on, no matter what. Please take care. S

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Hi there, Some excellent idea’s but regarding offering help with shopping this is easier said than done.
I tried when we had a fall of snow and as this area isn’t equipped for a snowfall many people were unable to get out. As a rambler I had the right boots and equipment and offered my services to get shopping for elderly people unable to get out. I however was then informed that I would have to go through a police check and that would take three weeks approximately, and I would be breaking the law if I went ahead, all this just to do a bit of shopping plus I had already gone through police checks with my job and decided that I could do nothing and have never bothered since to offer to help.

Dear Pat,
It is dreadful that your kind offer to help people was thrown in your face, I cannot understand why when you have already had a police check. I am not surprised that you haven’t bothered since to offer help. You would be a Godsend to some poor elderly people, who are stuck indoors, for instance, such as myself, although I have had numerous messages of offers of help. At least you tried.
Mary x x

I totally agree Susie, thank you :heart: