Coronors report

Hi everyone,

Sending everyone a hug.

Just needed to vent, how unfair that the process of police/coronors can take so long.

My partner passed away last feb and we are still waiting for answers.

Its complicated, he was in a mental health hospital getting treatment and passed away of a blood clot, the police got involved due to issues we found our selfs.

They have done own investigation but its now being passed to someone higher in the force, therefore coronors report is delayed until oct.

I cant get my head around that they can leave families with so many unanswered questions.

I am trying to grieve and help my 5 yesr grieve for her Daddy but its hard.

Thanks for listening xxx


This must be so difficult. I found it difficult waiting 3 weeks! I’m sorry you have to go through this.
Stick with this forum as you can say what you need to and you will get support.


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They don’t seen to rush with these kind of things do they!
Sadly lost my mum 7 weeks ago and she was under the coroners they kept her over a week and kept ringing me saying they’re doing this and that.
After the ct scan they said they would need to do a limited post mortem which involved taking samples from certain organs after that they released her body and I could organise the funeral.
Still waiting for their report now and it’s been so hard not knowing what made her pass.


Wow that is a long time…my husband suddenly went on the Sunday and the post mortem results was back on the Thursday and caused of death recorded on the death certificate. We had to wait longer for the report as they were on holiday for 3 weeks.

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They’ve told me what they believe was the cause since but it’s not agreed fully yet as they’ve to have a inquest at court what a bloody carry on. It seems cruel to keep dragging it on, I just want to grieve in peace now without all this carry on x



Sending a hug. This is horrible isnt it, the wait is far too long. They dont think of the ones greiving.

Take care xxx