Could you share your story in the media?

We’re looking for people who would be willing to share their stories in the media, to help raise awareness of how bereavement affects people, and the importance of getting support. You’d be asked to talk about your experience of grief and what support you’ve been able to get, including whether this Online Community has helped you.

First of all, one of the team here at Sue Ryder would interview you over the telephone, to find out as much as possible about your story. We’d then look for opportunities to use your story in the media, which might mean speaking to journalists – but we’d always ask before passing on your details to anyone. You’d always have a choice about any media opportunity and we wouldn’t use your quotes or picture anywhere without asking you.

By doing this, you’d be helping others reading the story to know that what they’re feeling is normal, and encouraging them to seek support. Thank you.
If you are interested, or you want to find out more (with no obligation), please email me on

Yes I would be story .would be a cautionary tale.for people to be aware of the diagnostic mishaps within the NHS.and also that this site as enabled and helped me from the grasp of suicidal tendencies.Annette.

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Dear Priscilla, Yes I would be willing to share our story as I feel it may help others when the worst thing in your life happens. I have found talking about it on this site and hearing others copying strategies very helpful. Best wishes Wynne

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Hi Annette and Wynne,

Thank you both so much for putting yourselves forward, it would be great if you could share your stories in the media. I’ll send each of you a private message about the next steps.

I’d love to share my story. I think it helps hearing that you are not the only one.
X x x x x

Yes I would love to share my story

This site as helped me a lot knowing you are not the only one who as lost someone and helping other people by chatting to them

Dear Priscilla,

Yes I would be interested in sharing my story if it helps others. I lost my mother in law in November 2015 although she had reached a good age. My brother passed away in January 2016 he was 60. My husband passed away suddenly in August 2016 he had a heart attack and I found him in the garden he had been for a run! He was 62. And my younger sister died suddenly in February this year she got a virulent flu virus she was 57. I feel as if i have been run over by a steam engine. I have learnt a lot about people and myself in the last two years.

I would be happy to share my loss and the struggle I have had since losing my partner suddenly to a heart attack, he was 65… Not being with him when he died and then having to go to the morgue to identify his body will stay with me forever, my story since is too long to go into now, but am happy to discuss my journey in the last 11 months…

I’m new to this site. I have shared my story in the past to help promote the amazing work and the care that the hospice gave my son during his final days. It has helped me get through the last 5 years.
I have never really had the opportunity to talk about how disgusting my son’s treatment at the hospitals was and how his late cancer diagnoses effected us! Talking helps me sort all the emotions buzzing through my head so I would be grateful to share my story.

Hi Pricilla, I’d be happy to help with this.

My goodness, Annie, you have been through the mill, it is wonderful that you are willing to share.
Take care,

Thanks very much to everyone who’s offered to take part, I’ve private messaged you all today.

Dear Mary,

Thank you, if I can help at all then i will. It is a very difficult journey and talking to people who have been through the same thing has really helped me.


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