My dad passed away March 2017. Everyday I find it a struggle although I have returned to work and try and get through the day the best I can. Since my dad’s passing I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. I feel as though it is overtaking my life. Mentally i keep going over things what happened in my dad’s last days. Next week I will be going for some councilling and feel really anxious about it. Have anyone found that this has helped them. Take care all x

Hello Joey. I hope your counselling goes ok and any tears are healing tears. It’s such an individual thing and it’s said you have to be in a fairly “ok” place to start counselling. Like yourself I dwell and go over things again and again or “ruminate” as the correct term is. I was never in that “ok” place personally and both Cruse Counsellors and NHS cancelled future appointments after 2 sessions each - so I have had none really and I’m still not in that “ok” place. On the other hand others have had really positive experiences and it’s helped them immensely. It will help if you get a counsellor you “gel” with, which is all down to luck but does make a difference. I do hope things go well for you and I"m sure lots of people will be along to share their positive expeeiences. Kind regards Tina

Hi Tina. Thanks you for your reply. I’m sorry for your loss too. I’m not to sure if it will help me. Hopefully it will be someone I feel comfortable with. I just feel that I need some sort of help to help wih my grieving and anxiety. I’m sorry it never helped you. Like you said I’m not to sure if I am in that ok place like yourselve. I suppose I could just go and see if it’s for me. I am willing to try anything to help me. The doctor mentioned about anti depressants but want to avoid them If possible. At the moment I take beta blockers for my anxiety. Hope I can find some peace soon. Take care Tina.

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