I’ve read so many comments about people having counselling,
does it help?
And how do you go about it?

Hi @Sah28 i accessed counselling from my doctor . I am having my first session by phone next week


My doctors told me my feelings/thoughts are normal just takes time :see_no_evil: hope it helps you

I started hypnotherapy a week after he died. I found it really helpful at the time as I needed an outlet and she was perfect for that. I reached out to a hypnotherapist I had before when I had some anxiety, initially to get a recommendation for someone but she said she could help and she was invaluable.
Now I don’t feel I need one. People I have met on this forum have helped more as they know what it’s like, they get it and totally understand. You have to go with what you feel you need.

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You can self refer in the NHS website but as with everything there is quite a long wait. Some charities like Cruse will also offer it. I tried but they had no capacity so I am waiting in NHS.

Just to share another option for you to explore @Sah28, Sue Ryder also offer counselling which is held via video chat. You can find out more here: Online Bereavement Counselling Service | Sue Ryder

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Got a referral today from my GP’s mental health nurse hope it helps me


I had 5 counselling sessions because people told me I should, so I thought I’d give it a go. I lost my husband to suicide at Easter. I don’t think it helped me at all though. I found being open and honest with my friends and family works for me and not holding things in. There are daily triggers that knock me to the floor but I quickly try to find some good in them. Today I found the receipt for the hire of my husbands wedding suit 20 years ago that I didn’t know he’d kept. It tore my heart out but then I thought how much it must have meant to him for him to have kept it and that made me feel better. I think the trick with counselling is to go with an open mind and no expectations and be prepared to ditch it and try something else if its not working. Good luck, I hope you find something to ease your pain xx

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It could take some time to get an appointment. I had a therapy assessment. There is ac20 week waiting list. I hope it helps me. Xx

That’s what I expect quite a wait, I hope so x

I don’t think it helps everyone, but I’m willing to give anything a go to ge honest. I don’t think I’m honest with people I know I think I bottle it because if I break everyone breaks with me, then they’ll ask me the next day how I feel and it sets me off again