Missing all the things we did as a couple although I do things with my family you can’t replace the things we did together holidays, favourite eating places our daft jokes it’s so hard.

Christine x

I hear you, Christine. There are a thousand little intimacies - that look, that silly in-joke, the holidays…sometimes it’s almost unbearable. Lots of love to you xo

Yes I agree it is my 44th wedding anniversary today, Barrie left me two and a half years ago I miss all his good points and bad ones, I would rather have the snoring than silence. Love to everyone and look after yourselves xx

I lost my husband of 32 years 4 months ago - and it’s the silly little things that only he and I shared that I miss the most - feel rudderless without him.
Take care x

Lost my husband of 33 years 9 weeks ago . The day is stretching out in front of me . I have stuff to do . People and animals to be with but nothing is the same without Mark and I know it never will be . Grief is the price of love but it feels so heavy to bear . I go see him at the church everyday and hug the wooden cross and kiss the brass plaque on it . Feeling your pain and sending a hug . Romy x

Thanks so much for your reply, 4 months have passed , and there are times that everything feels ok, but there is definitely a cycle of grief and I miss my husband so much.
9 weeks is very early days - and I bet you feel exhausted with it all. Just know there are people out there who understand and care x

Thank you xxx

I feel sick when I think about just getting through another day without him let alone months and possibly years . My head is all over the place and the weekends are definitely worse as at least in the week I have stuff to deal with and distract me a bit in work . We have a garage and learning how to become more involved in running it has been a steep learning curve on top of everything else. I find walking my dogs helps a bit but you can’t walk all day long …sorry for keeping on . I just can’t get my head around what has happened. It must be the shock xxx

I lost my partner of 16 years, very suddenly, just over 3 months ago and I think I have been in shock until now. I miss having his arms around me and watching him hug and play games with our children. His infectious laugh and silly sense of humour. I had been trying to keep really busy to block out the pain but I can’t seem to go on any longer. Its hit me like a ton of bricks and I’m so overwhelmed with the loss. Why is life so cruel. I am so lucky to have had him in my life xx

Loren I feel your pain . I really do . I wish I had some really great suggestions about how to cope but I don’t . I take one day at a time and even break it down into morning noon and night and try to have something to do pretty much all the time . Talking in here helps because we are all in the same boat . Don’t know what else to say but sending big hugs to you . Romy xxx