COVID dinners

So lockdown is easing and we are now allowed to eat in a garden, ensuring social distances are kept. My daughter has asked me round for a bbq, as tomorrow would have been her dads 65th birthday. She then went on to tell me that she was bringing out another table for me, so I could sit two metres away from the family. It was a lovely thought and I know she can’t do anything about it, but the thought of sitting on a table, on my own, just makes me feel more lonely.

It is lovely that your daughter is wanting you over for dinner to celebrate what would of been your husband’s 65th birthday. I know it doesn’t seem fair that you’ve got to sit at your own table but you won’t be alone you’ll be surrounded by your loving family which will help you . X

Did that by mistake.
After thinking it through, I feel there are alternatives and by morning you may have come up with a better way. A chair a little apart or at the end of the table but not on your own on a table all by yourself. You need to feel part of the company and not on the sidelines. Pleasant dreams and by morning it may be clear what you can do but please go and not left on your own. s

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